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The Lehigh Valley Railroad - A Photo Album

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The Lehigh Valley Railroad - A Photo Album

by Ken Kraemer



     In its last decades of operation during the 1960s and ‘70s, the Lehigh Valley Railroad had a dedicated following of fans who were attracted by its underdog status among northeastern railroads, and its fascinating variety of locomotives with their kaleidoscopic variety of paint schemes. One such fan was Ken Kraemer from the Buffalo, New York, area. Ken spent much time documenting the LV’s operations with his camera from the mid-1950s to the railroad’s demise in April of 1976.  With emphasis on the often overlooked west end of the route, this book contains over 250 of Ken’s photos in both color and black and white. Take a look at the era of LV's diesels known as "White Elephants" and "Yellow Jackets" in such locations as Depew, P&L Junction, Rochester Junction, and Sayre. The last few days of operation in the Buffalo area are uniquely covered, and there are follow-up sections on former LV locomotives operated under Conrail and Delaware & Hudson, and photos of traces of the Lehigh Valley that survive to the present day. With an accent on the aesthetic side of the railroad’s operations, Ken’s photos personally capture the essence of the Lehigh Valley Railroad and will take you back to one of the most interesting times in northeastern railroading.

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The Lehigh Valley Railroad - A Photo Album

Ken Kraemer


2008 by RR Trax Studios



8.5 x 11 inches (landscape format)


Manufactured in USA, press-printed, color and B&W


Price:  $49.95

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