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Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad - A Tribute

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Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad - A Tribute

by Thomas K. Kraemer

     The Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad has celebrated over 100 years of continuous service as a notable transporter of bulk raw materials between the Great Lakes and Pittsburgh. From its humble beginnings in 1869 as a local coal hauler, through its growth and development as a respectable railroad system, to its inclusion as a part of the Canadian National Railway in 2004, the “Bessemer” has earned its place in American railroad history. With over 250 photos, maps, and historic images, this book presents a colorful and personal tribute to the B&LE focusing on its last three decades as an independent carrier, and beyond. The tour begins at the railroad’s headquarters in Greenville, Pennsylvania, works its way north to the shore of Lake Erie, then follows the route south through Butler to its industrial destination of Pittsburgh. In addition, the book features Bessemer’s remarkable Western Allegheny Branch that was operating with classic EMD cab units into the 1990s. The author also takes a brief look at some B&LE “ghosts” that survive to this day.

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Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad - A Tribute

Thomas K. Kraemer


2009 by RR Trax Studios



8.5 x 11 inches

hardbound with dust jacket

Manufactured in USA, press-printed, full color


Price:  $59.95

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